Over the hills to  Volterra and Teatro del Silenzio by Andrea Bocelli

165 km


9am - 7pm

sapori e motori viaggio in motocicletta one way travels trovare tuscany toscana volterra andrea bocelli

Breakfast, prepare our motorcycles / motori and go. It is time to head towards the alabaster town, Volterra (Link), a place full of history, the cradle of the Etruscan civilization, dating back to the Iron Age. Here we will see works by alabaster artisans.  A guided visit of Volterra will help you appreciate the role of these medieval villages during the darker periods of time.  Motori e Sapori Italian Adventures  will guide you through some of the narrow lanes and alleys to step back in time. 


Treat your self to a typical italian sapori cappucino and a pastry. 


During the ride up and over the hills we will see small villages full of history and culture, among them is the now famous Lajatico . Here we will discover that the  "Theater of Silence" is the reason. The Theater of Silence, is an amphitheater, has the peculiarity of being created by exploiting the natural conformation of a hill, making it  unique in its kind. Andrea Bocelli had the vision and in partnership with the local bank helped create this space.


Your  day of rolling over the hills of Tuscany will lead you back to the Valley where we cruise back home to rest or soak up village life at the local bar or do some self exploring. 


Tonight you may want tiem out on your own or invite some of your fellow riders to join you for a pizza . Motori e Sapori are always on hand to give you tips, pointers or ideas.






Theatre of Silence.

sapori e motori viaggio in motocicletta one way travels trovare tuscany toscana volterra andrea bocelli



According to the original idea, the space was created to host only one show per year (hence the name "Teatro del Silenzio"). The construction consists of a circular "stage"  several meters wide in diameter with a small pond. There is  a different stage setting every year.

Flavors, History & Tuscan Landscapes

The city of Volterra and its beautiful surroundings are probably one of the most diversified attractions in Tuscany. The indisputable historical tradition blends with  the beautiful nature around it offering delights  from morphology, vegetation, and fauna, a truly impressive heritage.


The history of events in Volterra has left its mark in the  continuity from the Etruscan period until the nineteenth century, with artistic and monumental testimonies of great importance, which can be admired simply by walking through the streets of the historic center, but also visiting the city's museums: the Museum Etruscan, the Civic Art Gallery, the Museum of Sacred Art, the Alabaster Ecomuseum.



Alongside these monuments you find uncontaminated landscapes, a quality life style and an artistic handicraft unique in the world - alabaster.